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This ThinkCentre Neo PC is great for Business and Office 

ThinkCentre Neo PC

Vision Computer’s pre-built Thinkcentre NEO 50S SFF PC is a terrific choice for business and office use. 

It has an Intel core i5-12400 processor with 6 cores to handle dozens of Chrome tabs, multitasking, and normal browsing. Along with the i5 processor, it includes 16 gigs of memory to fuel your setup without any hiccups. If you’re buying for yourself or your household, this PC should serve you well for years. 

Keep reading the full specs to see what It’s offers:

Intel Core i5-12400 – The i5 processor features 6 cores, a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz, and a boost speed of 4.4 GHz along with an 18 MB cache. It is ample for daily office activities including PowerPoint, spreadsheets, browsing, and more. 

16 GB of Memory – Most office works will run fine with 8 gigs of RAM, but 16 gigs of Memory ensures you can run multiple apps momentously. 

1 TB of NVMe SSD – The 1 TB storage that too from the SSD drive is a decent storage to college your data and files. 

Windows 10 Pro – The Pro version of Windows 10 offers an array of extra features suitable for business users. 

WiFi 6 AX200 – Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless technology that promises strong connectivity with very low latency. 

DVD Writer – Finally, it has a DVD writer to run optical drives.