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Best Keyboard for CS GO In 2023

best keyboard for cs go

If you’re looking for the best keyboard for CS GO, then you came in the right place.

Who doesn’t like to play CS GO? That adventure and fun, the joy playing with your friends and killing your enemy are fascinating and cheerful.

Launched in 2012, CS GO has gain immense popularity among the game lovers. Playing CSGO is extremely fun, and it requires a powerful keyboard to play well.

If you’re a big fan or Pro of this game, then you should know the importance of the keyboard for playing CSGO. A durable and high-performance keyboard can take your CS GO playing to the next level.

Finding the best keyboard for CSGO is crucial and requires lots of research, but don’t worry, we got your covered.

We have done hard research on the internet, take a review from Pro gamers and comes with the list for Best Keyboard for CS GO.

Before we go directly onto those sections, let’s take a look at some the things which you should consider while buying the best keyboard.

Things to consider while looking for the Best Keyboard For CS GO

1) Size

The size of the keyboard has a vast impact on gaming performance, especially if you’re an aspiring CS GO player. For CS GO, two types of keyboard are matter most:

1. Full-sized Keyboard

Full-sized keyboards are the most common keyboard that typically includes 104 keys. A full-sized keyboard covers alphabetical keys, functions keys and number pad. Moreover, some keyboard also equipped with media controls keys.

2. TKL or Tenkeyless

Tenkeyless is a keyboard that comes without Numpad and comes with a small size. They are small-sized and more comfortable; however, you have to work without number pad which is pretty useful for those who doesn’t want to work with Numpad.

2) Wired or Wireless

For gaming, wired and wireless keyboard are both convenient, but many gamers prefer wired keyboard because of the compact design and high performance. However, the wireless keyboard is also providing outstanding performance.

While playing games, people don’t care about wires, so if you have any aesthetic reason than go for the wireless keyboard, otherwise, the wired keyboard is more than enough.

4) Switch

As a gamer, you know how vital the switches are, the switch decides how faster your command was given to the laptop or computer. The switches refer to the switch which lay underneath every key on the device and delivers a signal to the laptop every time the keys been pressed.

Most gaming keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches that are standard and accurate. Nowadays, new trends emerge for Logitech Ramer-G and Razer Mechanical switches.

5) LEDs

Most of the gaming keyboard comes with LED’s backlight that illuminates keys and gives elegancy to the keyboard. Without LED backlights, games feel dull and tedious, especially in the night.

7) Budget

The budget is mainly depending on you; how much you have to spend on the keyboard. If you have a low budget then you should consider for budget-friendly laptop, but, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise with performance.

6) Additional Buttons

Additional buttons are crucial for those who love to play music games and rhythm games. Extra buttons allow a user to control media more conveniently and precisely.

Best Keyboard For CS GO in 2021 

1) Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best wired keyboard for CS GO 

2) XTRFY K2 RGB – Best overall keyboard for CS GO        

3) Corsair K70 LUX RGB – Best Budget Keyboard for CS GO 

4) Logitech G910 – Best Simple Keyboard for CS GO 

5) Steel Series Apex M750 – Best Full-Sized Keyboard for CS GO 

6) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Best compact Keyboard For CS GO 

7) Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Keyboard 

8) Steel Series Apex M500 – Best Illuminated Keyboard For CS GO 

9) Logitech G910 – Best Stylish Keyboard for CS GO 

10) Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo – Best design keyboard for CS GO 

1) Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best wired keyboard for CS GO 

Razer Blackwidow

Razer Blackwidow is first and best mechanical gaming keyboard that is the highest-rated and bestselling gaming keyboard through the time. It comes with a stylish design and compact looks that enables great performance. 

It comes with great durability and razer green switch with a tactile bump and audible click that enables amazing gaming performance at ease. The design of the laptop is extremely durable, and switches are capable of giving stroke up to 80 million along with two years of warranty. 

Built with backlit keys and 6.8 million colour options that illuminate an extremely colourful environment around the keyboard. For connectivity, it has USB 2.0 cable and audio pass-through for a better experience. 

Along with the great design, you’ll get benefits of premium materials by razer that lasted for long. Additionally, Razer Blackwidow has provided five additional dedicated macro keys for convenient space. 

Razer Black has equipped switches with 50 g actuation force that gives a fast signal to the laptop and enhance gaming performance. With this keyboard, you’ll get 1000 Hz ultra-polling that gives enough performance to play. 

It allows you to control various lighting via Razer Synapse software that is easy to install and work-friendly. Speaking about switches, it has razer mechanical switches that introduce standard performance and accurate signal. 

2) XTRFY K2 RGB – Best overall keyboard for CS GO


Comes with a brand that non-recognizable, but performance is on the extreme level, XTRFY K2 RGB has made his name on the list of best Keyboard for CS GO.

The keyboard is recognizable as the world’s fastest keyboard that reacts fast and gives intense performance even in the tense situation. It has mechanical key switches that are durable, compact and build with strong materials. It allows gamers to customize RGB illumination easily without installing additional software.

Along with the keyboard, the company has provided full N key rollover and 1000 Hz polling rate that take the signal quickly and enhances the overall performance of the game.

One feature that attracts our attention is that it equipped super scan technology that responds fast and quickly. Talking about keys, the keys are easy to press and produce low or almost none sound.

The design of the keyboard is lightweight and elegant that tends to deliver high performance while playing CS GO. Moreover, the keyboard can carry anywhere and allows you to play games whenever you like.

The hardware macros of the keyboard make it quick and easy to bind long sequences of actions to single keys. It features three-timing macros for recording keystrokes including time delay, loop macro for putting actions on repeat and auto macro, keeping recorded keys down.

Overall, XTRFY K2 RGB is an extremely compact and highly durable keyboard that outperform any same price range keyboard.

3) Corsair K70 LUX RGB – Best Budget Keyboard for CS GO

Corsair K70 LUX RGB

If you’re looking for the best budget laptop with accurate performance than Corsair K70 is for you. Comes with Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminium frame that enables long age and elegancy of the keyboard.

It has 8MP profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback that allows access to up to three sorted profiles on the go. The design of the keyboard gives comfort and adjust well on the table.

Corsair has equipped it with per-key dynamic multi-colour RGB backlighting that offers nearly unlimited colours for personalizing customization and controls.

Speaking about switches, it has Cherry MX speed mechanical keys that gives a reliable, quick and accurate performance with blistering fast 1.2-millimetre actuation. To connect the keyboard, it has a USB pass-through port to gives additional access to mouse or headset.

The keyboard works with Corsair ICUE software that allows you to customize dynamic lighting control across fans, coolers, fans and more. Featuring 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover that enables lighting fast keypress every time you play CS GO.

Corsair provides additional keys for media keys to control music precisely. Moreover, the keys are illuminated easily and allow you to play games even in the night without any hassle.

To sum up things, Corsair K70 is the extremely durable, compact and accurate keyboard that offers excellent performance even in the tense situation.

4) Logitech G910 – Best Simple Keyboard for CS GO

Logitech G910

Logitech G910 claims the world’s fastest RGB mechanical gaming keyboard that easy to use, keys are easy to press, and performance is top-notch.

It features exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches with up to 25 per cent faster actuation that ensure fast gaming performance. The keyboard allows you to Customize RGB by offering a palette of 16 million colours.

The keyboard works with a USB port that ensures fast connectivity and performance. With the keyboard, you’ll also get palm rest and documentation. Moreover, Logitech has added additional media keys to control media conveniently.

Logitech offers 9 individually programmable G-keys to customize your favourite games at ease. Additionally, you can create up to 27 custom commands across three profiles to put ultra-fast manoeuvres at your fingertips.

The keyboard can work easily with any types of windows operating system. With this keyboard, you’ll get benefits of over 300 game lighting profiles pre-loaded in Logitech gaming software.

The building material of the keyboard is pretty impressive and robust that ensure keyboard stay dust fee and allows easy cleaning. It works with Arx control app that keeps your data and safety.

It comes with one year of warranty, so you don’t need to worry if a keyboard stops working or keys don’t work. Logitech G910 is the premium choice for those who want a budget-friendly but simple design keyboard.

5) Steel Series Apex M750 – Best Full-Sized Keyboard for CS GO 

Steel Series Apex M750

Steel Series Apex comes with full-sized keys including alphabetical keys, Function keys, and num pad. The blue switches provide 50 million keypresses. 

The OLED smart display allows you to adjust the screen according to your need. It is built with Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy which comes with fantastic durability and stability by ensuring the long age of the keyboard. 

It has excellent RGB illumination that offers 16.8 million colours per key and gives impressive backlighting. Moreover, it has premium magnetic wrist rest that provides outstanding palm support and a comfortable feel. 

Along with the keyboard, you’ll get dedicated multimedia controls that allows you to adjust volume and settings on the fly. One thing that we liked about this keyboard is its USB passthrough port that avoids crawling behind your desk. 

Additionally, Steel Series provides three-way cable routing that saves you from tedious wiring. Overall, the Steel Series is a top-notch choice for experiencing stunning gaming. 

6) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Best compact Keyboard For CS GO 

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 is the best compact and ergonomic keyboard that is a mix of potent performance and features. It has aircraft grade anodized aluminum frames that ensure the long age of the keyboard. 

With its lightweight and compact design, you can perform most of the tasks with ease and put your efforts towards actions. Furthermore, the keys feature backlight and allow you to customize each key according to your need and preference. 

It is built with 100 percent Cherry MX Speed keys built to give users powerful and hassle-free performance. You’ll get 6 programmable G keys that take your gaming performance to the next level along with the keyboard. 

Corsair offers Stream deck software integration with this keyboard by allowing more user preference and user-friendly design. Moreover, the keyboard can efficiently work with any operating system type and quickly respond while playing CS GO. 

Even though it’s expensive, no other brands can beat this bad boy when it comes to design and performance. To sum up things, Corsair K95 is a fast and responsive keyboard that offers highly accurate performance and light tactile feedback. 

7) Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Keyboard

What a dedicated keyboard requires to play freely with CS GO? Of course, responsive keys, small size, and easy to access control. With Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L, you’ll get all of these features along with the trust of thousands of customers. 

The keyboard is integrated with four different keyboard switch types, including Cherry MX, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, and Cherry MX Blue. The keys look really beautiful and enhance the elegance of the laptop or computer setup. Even though the keyboard is built with plastic material, it still has a robust design that stays with you for a long time. 

It comes with RGB lighting and allows you to customize lighting by offering hassle-free software. The keyboard works with a detachable micro USB via USB 2.0 technology. The Cherry MX switches feel premium and give a solid click with stunning sound. 

Cooler Master allows you to pick a keyboard according to your need; it offers you 90% gaming mode, tenkeyless board, etc., to give unique feels while playing CS GO. 

Overall, Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L is a stylish and fast performance keyboard that gives a premium feel and accurate typing. 

8) Steelseries Apex M500 – Best Illuminated Keyboard For CS GO 

SteelSeries Apex M500 Gaming Keyboard
Steelseries Apex M500

If you need a budget keyboard for CS GO, then Steelseries Apex M500 is the right choice for you. It comes with dynamic and elegant illuminated keys that enable high-end performance at ease. 

It has advanced anti-ghosting support for most-used keys.  Speaking about backlighting, the Steel series has equipped it with vibrant blue ground effects backlighting that lasts for long and is visible even in the dark. 

Steelseries offers keys and an N-key rollover that allows you to click millions of keystrokes. The keyboard design is also lightweight and durable, making it easy to carry anywhere and ideal for traveling.  

The keyboard is built with a steel backplate and is made of rigid plastic, in a standard key layout. Moreover, it can stand for enthusiastic usage and comes with under board cable management that gives a clean look. 

The keys are built with Cherry MX switches and work quickly with low actuation force and offer quick actuation through light keypresses. It features steel series engine software that allows you to customize the keyboard as per your convenience. 

9) Logitech G910 – Best Stylish Keyboard for CS GO 

Logitech G910
Credit – Logitech

Logitech offers the world’s fastest keyboard by introducing Logitech G910, giving up to 26 percent faster actuation. It comes with customizable RGB illumination, which gives you preference over choosing the right kind of lighting effects. 

It has additional 9 programmable G keys that help gamers execute complex tasks with fast speed and accuracy and all full-sized keys. Moreover, it has a one-touch control panel that offers dedicated control over media by featuring buttons like play, pause, mute, volume, and skip. 

The keyboard can easily work with any device, including a laptop, computer, tablet, mobile, and so on. In terms of keys, it builds with premium material and robust design; however, the keys make some unnecessary sound. 

You’ll be accessible to customize over 300 game lighting profiles that just a click away from a great gaming setup along with the software. By far, this keyboard is ideal for every game, but in our experience, it performs extremely while playing action games. 

To sum things, Logitech G910 is a highly accurate and responsive keyboard that is a value for money product. 

10) Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo – Best design keyboard for CS GO 

roccat vulcan
roccat vulcan 120 aimo

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo comes with Titan Switch Speed specially designed for gamers who constantly want fast speed and accurate performance, and smoothness. 

It comes with advanced anti-ghosting with NKRO full N keys that enable high-end performance and more control over different commands. Furthermore, it packs with detachable wrist rest that works via the magnetic mechanism and offers hassle-free games. 

Speaking about keys, they are fast and responsive that accept commands faster, and chatters less during actuation thanks to high-quality materials and componentry. 

The keyboard design is rigid and robust and ensures a long age of keyboard while enabling multi-tasking. It is equipped with AIMO intelligent lighting system that offers vivid per-key illumination in 16.8 colors. 

Moreover, the keyboard features a dustproof design with an aluminum top plate that is easy to clean, and switches are removable. The keys are half weight keycaps and faster response time. 

The individual keys have larger than normal spaces in between them. 

Overall, the Vulcan Aimo Mechanical keyboard is a pretty elegant and incredible choice for CS GO. 

Final Verdict 

Narrowing down our list for the best keyboard for CS GO is a tedious task, but we did it and listed the best product available in the market. Now go for the list, and find the best product according to your need. 

If you’ve any questions or queries, then type it in the comment section; we are always happy to help. 

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