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Best Keyboard For Long Nails In 2023

best keyboard for long nails

Were you looking for the Best Keyboard For Long Nails? Then you came to the right place. 

Having long nails is elegant and stylish, particularly for women. However, it becomes harsh when you have to do small tasks, like typing, cleaning, etc. 

Typing with long nails is challenging and makes your typing slower. Furthermore, fingernails can slip between the keys, and sometimes nails can break. It’s sad but true. So, it’s advisable to pick a keyboard that comes with a compact design suitable for long nails. 

But how you decide which keyboard is best for you. 

Don’t worry; we got your cover. We have done lots of research on the internet, ask experts, and come up with the list of best keyboards for long nails. 

Things to consider while looking for Best Keyboard For Long Nails

1) Non-Slip Material 

The main issue with long nails is that they can easily slip away while typing and most of the keyboard design lets your fingers rest on the keys. This type of keyboard became more slippery for fingernails. So, while purchasing the keyboard, look for a keyboard that is made with non-slip material. 

2) Ergonomic design 

An ergonomic design keyboard allows you to put your fingers in an adjustable way that prevents long nails from breaking. This type of keyboard has enough space to align your wrists and sit in proper posture; additionally, it helps you to experience better typing with fast speed. 

3) Silent typing 

Long nails make more sound than usual nails, and it becomes tedious for you to keep hearing that noise while typing and even for your coworkers to keep working with extra noise. So, while looking for the keyboard, check out that keys make less sound even while pressing hard. 

Best Keyboard for Long Nails in 2021

1) Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard

2) Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

3) Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard 

4) Iclever Portable Ergonomic Keyboard 

5) Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

6) Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired Keyboard

7) JoyAccess Wireless Desktop keyboard 

8) Macally 2.4 G USB Wireless Keyboard 

9) Seenda Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard

10) Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard 

1) Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard

Logitech Ergon K860 hands down the best keyboard for long nails. Logitech Ergo K860 is a full-sized and compact design keyboard that gives a natural feel while typing and reduces strain on your wrists and forearms. 

One thing that attracts our attention is its pillowed wrist rest that offers 54% more wrist support and reduces wrist bending by 25% compared to any traditional keyboard. The material is quite impressive and ergonomic which helps you to type with long nails and slip less with its robust material. 

With this keyboard, you’ll experience better posture and more comfort while working with different types of documents or adjusting spreadsheets. 

The space between keys is more convenient and gives control over typing. Moreover, it comes with 3 layers of comfort:

  1. Fabric with a stain-resistant, easy-clean coating
  2. Support high-density form for a firm feel
  3. Comfort memory foam for sustained comfort. 

The keyboard easily works with any operating system. Overall, Logitech Ergo K860 is a highly accurate and responsive keyboard, which comes in a compact size. 

2) Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard – Best keyboard for Acrylic Nails 

Credit – Microsoft

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard comes with separate number pads and a mouse. It features a split keyset design that helps you position wrists and forearms naturally and in a relaxed position. 

Moreover, it offers non-slippery cushioned palm rest that gives a natural and premium feel while typing and provides amazing rest to your palm. 

It doesn’t have an included Numpad pad, but Microsoft offers a separate number pad for a flexible experience at workspace setup. The keyboard design is extremely sturdier and compact, which ensures the keyboard lasted for a long. 

As far as the keys are concerned, it comes with silent and convenient keys, making extremely low or none sound while typing fast or extreme. 

One thing to notice here is that Microsoft has designed only for office purposes, so it’s not ideal for gaming or smart TV. Otherwise, the keyboard is quite impressive and ergonomic, which offers an accurate typing experience. 

3) Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard – Best Wireless Keyboard for Long Nails 

Credit – Logitech

If you prefer a wireless keyboard over any other keyboard type, then Logitech MX Keys is the right product for you. The keyboard builds with premium material and a sturdier design that enables extreme tasks with ease. 

Logitech has increased key stability compared to the previous MX series and optimizes it for responsive and low noise keys press. It has a single plate that delivers high-end performance. 

The keys are easy to press and have enough space between each key to type comfortably with long nails. You’ll get separate palm rest along with the keyboard, which ensures your experience comfortable typing while working in a tense situation. 

Though it’s wireless, you have to charge it from time to time; however, one full charge can last for ten days and even five months if you turn off backlighting. 

Logitech provides a USB Type C Cable to charge the keyboard, which offers fast and hassles free charging. Overall, Logitech MX keys are extreme, and highly recommend best keyboard for long nails. 

4) Iclever Portable Ergonomic Keyboard 


Iclever is a three-folding keyboard that allows you to deliver high-end performance while playing games or typing essential data. The keyboard is compatible with all devices, including iOS, windows, and android. 

Moreover, it can work with both wired and wireless connections, whichever you find convenient. Iclever has equipped this keyboard with color-changing backlit and looks elegant and stylish. 

It builds with aircraft-grade aluminum alloys texture that provides ergonomic and durable design. Furthermore, it has two balance stands that let you adjust the keyboard your preferred way. 

Overall, Iclever is a non-slippery and highly performance keyboard that takes your typing to the next level. 

5) Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  

Credit – Ralon

Ralon mechanical gaming keyboard is a slightly different product compared to any traditional keyboard. It features a new logo position and an adjustable wristwatch that lets you type freely without putting pressure on your finger and wrist. 

In terms of the switch, it offers a magnificent Blue switch that offers medium resistance and audible click sound and tactile feedback.  13 LED-backlit modes, including six gaming LED-backlit and seven dynamics LED-backlit. The design of the keyboard is ergonomic, and the material is not that slippery so that you can enjoy typing with long nails easily. 

While typing with long nails, there are pretty good chances that keys can be scratched through nails, however, with this keyboard, you don’t have to deal with this kind of keyboard because the manufacturer’s material is quite premium and high quality. 

The keyboard features a full-sized key with integrated 104 keys and N key rollover, and 12 easy to reach multimedia keys. 

6) Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired Keyboard

Credit – Havit

If you want to enhance your table elegance and perform tasks effectively, then the Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired Keyboard is a good choice for you. 

While many keyboards lack Numpad, Havit offers 104 keys, including number keys to make playing with numbers leisurely. The design of the keyboard is pretty light and thin and weighs 570g only, so you can carry it anywhere and portable with any backpack. 

It features the latest daily blue switch that is low profile and lets you feel unique and high-grade gaming or typing. The keyboard enables you to customize keys with multiple RGB modes and make the type easier even in the dark. 

It works with detachable USB without any additional drivers and allows plug and play. Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired keyboard primarily design for gaming, so if you need a gaming keyboard then this should stop your search for the best keyboard for long nails.

7) JoyAccess Wireless Desktop keyboard 

Credit – JoyAcess

JoyAccess is not a famous keyboard brand compared to other products on our list, but when it comes to type with long nails, it packs with excellent material and gives enough space between keys. So, you can type effortlessly and without worry about breaking your nails. 

The design of the keyboard is compact and gives a convenient typing experience for working and gaming. It features wireless connectivity with a low range of 10 M that eliminates any lag or signal interference. 

JoyAccess has equipped it with a thin and whisper-quiet design and keys have fine materials that save your fingers from slipping. 

The battery life is also quite impressive and offers up to 90 days long. When it comes to keys, they make low sounds and respond quickly. However, while fast typing it does make some unnecessary noise. 

It can work with any operating system without installing any additional software. To sum up, the JoyAcess wireless keyboard is a pretty impressive and ergonomic keyboard that features incredible performance even in a tense situation. 

8) Macally 2.4 G USB Wireless Keyboard 

Macally 2.4 G USB Wireless Keyboard
Credit – Macally

Macally 2.4 G USB wireless keyboard is a high-performance yet straightforward keyboard that lets your finger with both long and acrylic nails. Equipped with integrated 104 keys and extra LED indicators, you can experience a durable and ultimate experience. 

It features 2.4 GHz wireless RF connectivity and gives stable and robust connectivity. Along with the keyboard, you can get 13 windows specific shortcut keys that let you easily switch tabs and take your multitasking to the next level. 

The keyboard can quickly work with any type of operating system and works smoothly with mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet. Macally provides a height-adjustable kickstand integrated with the box, so you can type for a full day without feeling pain in your fingers. 

However, it’s not ideal for gaming and even for the night. Though, it’s solely manufactured for office usage. 

9) Seenda Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard

Credit – Seenda

Seenda Ultra-thin wireless keyboard comes with a combo of both mouse and keyboard. It has adopted a low-profile key and thing design that makes it the ideal choice for traveling and saves desk space. 

The low-profile keys give a crisp and silent typing experience. It features 2.4 G wireless connectivity through the receiver and has a range of up to 26 feet. 

We significantly like this keyboard because it can automatically sleep while not in use and back to power in seconds. You’ll get all the necessary indicator lights that allow you to perform tasks smoothly along with the keyboard. 

It is compatible with all the devices, and no need to install extra software. In terms of battery life, it can last for three months with a single full charge. 

The keys are easy to press and quick response and don’t get damaged while typing with long nails. Seenda has equipped it with an aluminum finish that ensures the keyboard’s long age and gives a solid, sleek look. 

10) Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard
credit- Logitech

Logitech K400 is highly rated and one of the best ergonomic keyboards that perfectly suit your long nails. Basically, it’s a TV keyboard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for typing. Even though the design is quite old, it still looks nice on your desk.
The compact and slim design easily stays on your desk, and soft keys give an immense typing experience. It has a 5.5-inch height, 14-inch width, and one in-depth.
The wireless range is decent and lets you freely move within 10 meters. Moreover, the media-friendly key layout gives you more control over playback. Along with the keyboard, Logitech offers a built-in touchpad, so you can easily switch between tabs.
Speaking about battery life, it has gigantic Lithium cells that last for 18 months and are easy to remove. One chore feature is that the keyboard doesn’t offer backlit, so it’s not ideal for playing games.
Overall, Logitech K400 plus wireless touch keyboard is compact and thin and gives a high-end performance at ease.

Final verdict

Now, we end our list for Best Keyboard For Long Nails. Typing with long nails is a tedious task, and we included those keyboards, which make your typing more convenient and easy. Now, go with your favorite keyboard and enjoy fast and smooth typing at your own pace.

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