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Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard In 2023

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking for the best TKL Mechanical Keyboard in 2022 then you came to the right place. Check out this article and find all the necessary details.

Are you tired of old and tedious keyboards that come in unnecessary full sizes and take lots of space on your table? Lose it! It’s time to pick and join the league of a quality mechanical switch keyboard that is sturdier and a high performer.

The best mechanical keyboard is TKL or Tenkeyless keyboard that doesn’t feature a number pad. The Keyboard comes with a compact design and size that makes it ideal to carry in your bag and carry it anywhere. Moreover, the TKL keyboard comes with a small size and takes low space which makes it an ideal choice for use while traveling.

The design of TKL is excellent for gaming, sturdier for office work, and absolutely amazing for home purposes. With a TKL keyboard, you’ll get the same size of features you can find on full-sized models.

In the market, hundreds of keyboards are available and the immense popularity of TKL makes it more harder to pick the right TKL mechanical keyboard.

That’s why we created a list for the Best TKL mechanical Keyboard in 2020 that will guide us to find the best product in the market.

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard in 2021

1) Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

2) PICTEK TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

3) Redragon K552 – Best Budget TKL Keyboard

4) Corsair K63 – Best Wireless TKL Mechanical Keyboard

5) Keychron K2 RGB – Best TKL Keyboard for Mac

6) Logitech G915 – Best Low Profile TKL Keyboard

7) SteelSeries Apex Pro – Best High-Quality TKL Keyboard

8) Ducky One 2 Horizon – Best TKL Keyboard for Typing

9) Drevo 84 Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard

10) Logitech G Pro – Best Overall TKL Keyboard

11) Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard – Best TKL Keyboard

12) Mechanical Eagle Z-77 – Best TKL Wired Mechanical Keyboard

1) Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S

The first keyboard in our list is Cooler Master Masterkets pro that comes with amazing design and looks that add extra elegancy to your table. The keyboard has brilliant RGB lighting along with 16.7 million colors that allow you to customized color to your personal choice.

It has a patented design that makes each per key LED pop-out and shine with ease. Along with the keyboard, you’ll also get multiple lighting modes – that can customize without any additional software.

Speaking about switches, it has 100% Cherry MX brown switches that are not just ideal for gaming but also for a premium feel typing. The keys are easy to press and respond quickly without any sound.

Cooler Master has provided an Advanced Cortex M3 Processor and N-key rollover plus 6 keys that enable the outstanding performance of the keyboard and make sure that you’ll experience hassle-free typing and gaming.

The keyboard is work with a detachable braided USB cord that ensures fast connectivity. The software is also straightforward and idiot-proof which can map one of 16.7 million colors to every key along with crystal clarity.

The building design of the keyboard is premium and robust that ensures a long age of keyboard with no compromise in performance. To summarize the features, Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S is a sturdier and high-performance TKL mechanical keyboard that worth to give a shot.

2) TKL PICTEK Mechanical – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

TKL PICTEK Mechanical

Featuring low budget but outstanding performance, Pictek TKL Mechanical keyboard made its name on the list. It comes with RGB LED Rainbow Backlit 60% keyboard with Blue Equivalent switches that outperform even high budget keyboard.

It features multiple lighting modes, 5 backlit brightness levels, 5 breathing speed, and 2 special backlit designed for RT and FPS gaming. One thing to notice here is that the keys are not RGB but features different colors including Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

The Blue keys respond quickly and sparingly along with low sound, so you can enjoy low sound click along with a fast typing experience. Moreover, Picteck comes with 87 keys including full alphabetical keys, Functions keys, and 12 multimedia keys which are enough for any low budget TKL keyboard.

The keyboard offers 10 million keystrokes which make sure amazing durability and hassle-free typing without any worries. For connectivity, it has wired is quick response, and fast that makes your connectivity easier and portable. It works with all the operating system including Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Overall, the Pictek TKL keyboard is a pretty impressive and durable keyboard that comes with a low budget.

3) Redragon K552 – Best compact TKL Keyboard

Redragon K552

When it comes to a compact mechanical keyboard, no one can beat Redragon products. Redragon K552 is one of the best ergonomically and robust keyboard that offers 87 mechanical keys along with custom switches that give great durability and quick response.

With this keyboard, you’ll get 18 different RGB lighting modes, 9 different colors, 5 backlight brightness levels, breathing speed that make sure incredible performance and responsive feels.

All the keys are Anti ghosts and feature 12 multimedia keys along with a non-slip Ergonomic splash-proof design that makes typing more easier and convenient.

It features the latest Cherry MX Blue Switches that are easy to press and built with robust material that lasted for long and provides immense performance every time you use it. The keyboard is built with durable ABS construction that looks elegant and enhances the credibility of the table.

Though it has only a white body with RGB color it looks arguably the best out of the box. To sum up things, Redragon K552 is well design and ergonomic design keyboard that wins customer’s hearts.

4) Corsair K63 – Best Wireless TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K63

If you prefer the wireless keyboard over a wired then Corsair K63 is the product you’re looking for. It comes with ultra-fast 1 ms 2.4 GHz gaming optimized wireless technology that offers connection via a receiver. However, it also features low latency Bluetooth wireless technology if your computer supports Bluetooth.

It has a 100% cherry MX red mechanical switch that gives a responsible and ultra-fast gaming experience. Furthermore, keys are easy to press and clean which makes the keyboard looks more elegant and precisely beautiful.

Corsair offers per key Blue LED backlighting along with large font keycaps that deliver vibrant lighting effects. One thing that attracts our attention to its 128 bit AES encryption mode that helps protect your keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping and makes your data safer.

The keyboard has a robust and portable design which makes it an ideal choice even for traveling. In terms of battery life, it lasts up to 15 hours with a rechargeable battery and also offers connectivity through wired USB for uninterrupted typing and gaming.

By featuring dedicated multimedia and volume controls Corsair K63 is one of the prominent choices for the TKL mechanical keyboard.

5) Keychron K2 RGB – Best TKL Keyboard for Mac

keychain k2

Keychain K2 RGB comes with a 75% layout that contains 84 keys including alphabetic keys, functions keys, and multimedia keys. It features wireless Bluetooth connectivity to work with by offering a decent range of 10 feet.

The keyboard has RGB backlit that gives the ultimate gaming experience. With this keyboard, you can connect 3 devices via Bluetooth 5.1 and allow you to switch among them easily. The keyboard is ideal for home usage and office works.

It also features a wired connection via USB Type –C in case of a low battery. It has a unique Mac layout that integrated Max functions keys while compatible with windows. Keychain also equipped it with extra key scraps for both the operating system Windows and Mac.

In terms of battery life, it can last up to 72 hours of typing with its gigantic 4000 mAh big battery. It offers an N-key rollover on wired mode and 6KRO on wireless mode.

Keychain K2 RGB is a premium and compact design keyboard that suitable for all devices by offering both wireless and wired connectivity.

6) Logitech G915 – Best Low Profile TKL Keyboard

Logitech G915

Logitech has always manufactured a premium product that wins the customer’s heart and lasted for a long time, Logitech G915 is one of these. It comes with light speed wireless connectivity that gives incredible performance and flexibility from cords. The battery can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

The TKL offers more space to work with and enhances productivity. It has low profile mechanical switches that offer accuracy, speed, and high-end performance at half height.

The GL clicky switch features a distinctive sound and tactile feedback and included three other options; GL Clicky, GL Linear, and GL Tactile.

The keyboard is built with aluminum alloy that is incredibly thin and durable. It also offers a quick charge and can charge the keyboard in just 3 hours.

With this keyboard, you’ll get more control over media via its dedicated media control switches. It allows you to connect with multiple apps through Bluetooth or USB receiver.

In our opinion, Logitech G915 is a premium and rigid design keyboard that gives an immense performance.

7) SteelSeries Apex Pro – Best High-Quality Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Steelseries Apex Pro comes with Omnipont adjustable switches that give a whole new level of comfort while playing games or just typing. The keyboard allows for customization of actuation distance from 0.4 to 3.6 milliliters that are pretty impressive for any TKL keyboard.

It features an OLED start display that can be adjusted by setting and gives incredible performance while gaming or listening just podcast.  The keyboard is built with an Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that gives a lifetime of durability and stability.

It has RGB illumination that allows you to customize with 16.8 million colors per key which is a pretty impressive feature to have in any mechanical keyboard.

Furthermore, Steelseries also comes with a premium magnetic wrist rest that gives full palm support and comfort feel compare to another ordinary keyboard. 

For connectivity, it has a USB connection, so you can experience a hassle free and fast connection between laptop and keyboard. Additionally, Steelseries provides dedicated media controls to adjust media during games or watching movies.

One thing that certainly makes it the prominent choice is its three-way cable routing which allows you to choose one of the three places to prevent the cable from getting in the way.

At this price, Steelseries Apex Pro is arguable the Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard.

8) Ducky One 2 Horizon – Best TKL Keyboard for Typing

Ducky One 2

Ducky One 2 comes with a decent built material and accurate performance that takes your gaming experience to the next level. It features a whole new petite Bezel design that makes the keyboard more compact and rigid.

Furthermore, it has Cherry MX Red keys that are easy to press and makes it more comfortable to play game or typing. A chore features of the laptop is that it only features RED light which is not enough for gaming.

However, if you’re looking for the Best TKL typing keyboard then Ducky One 2 is the ideal choice for you.

It has SF stand for Sixty-Five and dimensions of 325 X 108 X 40 mm along with a weight of only 635 g. Overall, the keyboard is pretty impressive in terms of typing but as we said earlier it’s not ideal for gaming.

9) Drevo 84 Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard

Drevo 84 Key

Drevo 84 key Grammar Mechanical Keyboard comes with compact design 84 keys that have ABS double shot keycap that prevents key legends from faded.

With this keyboard, you’ll experience N-key rollover that helps you to spells faster and more accurate and makes it a professional gamer choice keyboard.

It has a while backlight that reflects different lighting effects, so you can play games hassle freeway in the night. Drevo has an equipped keyboard with 12 functions keys that enables usage of multimedia functions, email, volume lock windows, etc.

It has a detachable USB Type C cable to connect the keyboard with the device. Drevo features an OUTEMU switch that comes with four different switches by offering different need including Black, Blue, Brown, and Red. 

The keys are adjustable and easy to press; however, it does make some sound while typing in a tense situation. The keyboard offers an adjustable keyboard stand and nonskid mat for a convenient typing experience. 

The build material of the keyboard is average, although it could be better if you clean time to time. To sum up things, Drevo 84 Key Grammar is a robust and compact keyboard in the category of Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard.

10) Logitech G Pro – Best Overall Keyboard

logitech g pro keyboard

Who doesn’t like to play games with an elegant design keyboard that offers outstanding performance? With Logitech G Pro you’re going to experience both of this.
Logitech G Pro comes with durable Romer G switches that deliver 25% faster actuation than standard mechanical switches. The keys are easy to press and even smoother than any other within range keyboard.
The keyboard features Logitech G Lightsync technology that delivers next-generation RGB lighting along with customizing colors for the intense gaming experience. Moreover, The keys have a response time of 10 ms faster that makes sure that you’ll experience a hassle-free way.
For connectivity, Logitech provides Wired USB that enhances connectivity speed. One chore of the keyboard is that, it doesn’t feature a palm rest, so you have to purchase a palm rest with the extra expense.
The design of the keyboard is compact and sleek that offers great durability. It comes with three-step angle adjustment and rubber feet that ensure adequate stability and enough space during intense gaming.
The keyboard supports all the operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. However, it doesn’t support on Windows XP version. Besides this, Logitech G Pro is a highly durable and adjustable keyboard that offers intense performance.

11) Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard

Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard

Velocifire Mechanical keyboard comes with 87 keys that are an ideal choice for gamers, typists, office workers, writers, etc. The keyboard can compatible with all the operating system including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
The design of the keyboard is ergonomics and stable that easily fits in your hand and remitting typing fatigue and carpal tunnel pain. It features double-shot mold keycaps that are integrated along into the keys perfectly.
Velocifire is ideal for long-term typing and is designed to deliver superb performance at every pace. The keys deliver accurate and quick response while gaming or typing your favorite subject.
The switches feature OUTEMU keys that have Cherry MX switches which are easy to press and gives an outstanding performance every time you play your favorite games.
The keyboard features a white LED-backlit that can be easily customized according to your need and enhances elegance in the office. To sum up things, Velocifire mechanical keyboard is a multipurpose keyboard that comes with a low budget.

12) Mechanical Eagle Z-77

Mechanical Eagle Z-77

Mechanical Eagle Z-77 comes with Cherry MX an equivalent switch that enables the amazing functionality of the keyboard. It features 9 backlit modes that allow you to change gaming keys lighting up patterns.
The keyboard comes with 87 Anti Ghosting keys and an N-key rollover that works simultaneously at high speed. Eagle Z-77 is equipped with an ergonomic design and compact looks that allow you to perform your favorite tasks.
For connectivity, it works with USB 2.0 which enables fast multitasking and a responsive keyboard experience. It works with all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
With this keyboard, you’ll experience multi colors backlight that offers six different colors and illuminate perfectly even in the night. The keyboard features lightweight design and studier looks that add extra elegancy to the table.
Eagle Z-77 comes with the newest switch replacing technology and made for high-performance gaming. The keys are made with premium and high-quality materials that ensure a long age of the keyboard.
Even though there are certainly some other great keyboards available in the market, Eagle Z-77 worth giving a shot.

Final verdict

There are several keyboards available in the market, but we listed the Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard. Now go to the list and purchase the best keyboard that meets your needs.
If you’ve any questions or queries, type in on the comment section, we always happy to help you.

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