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Best Laptop For Shopify In 2024

best laptop for shopify

So, you want to dive into the world of e-commerce and need the Best Laptop For Shopify In 2024 to take one step forward in your game.  Check out our list to get instant recommendations. 

E-commerce isn’t just about uploading your products and running your website. You use software such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create designs for image promotion or install sales software to monitor your profit or loss margins. 

Moreover, if you run a large-scale Shopify business, managing your sales, keeping an eye on team members, and answering customer queries or resolving their problems requires a laptop with potent hardware. 

Although you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a machine to get what you need – the rivalry between Intel and Ryzen has made it easy for customers to locate the most affordable laptop options. 

Remember, any entry-level notebook can do the job required to run a successful Shopify business. But if you just starting out and doing more than just uploading products images and copywriting (ex. photo & video editing) on your website, then we advance you to spend money on a notebook with plenty of potentials that can handle the pressure of rigorous tasks such as photo editing, multitasking and switch between multiple Chrome tabs. 

Running a Shopify business isn’t just about uploading product images and selling them to customers. The successful journey of the Shopify business requires more than that; various designs of products to promote on social media, inventory management, sales software to keep an eye on profit margin, and much more. 

Software like Photoshop and Illustrator demands a powerful processor while opening multiple Chrome tabs requires plenty of memory. So, getting the best laptop for Dropshipping business is not just about making the right choice but also a practical one. 

Why You Should Trust Us?

I run a successful Dropshipping business for the past 2 years and currently, 3 of my websites are on Shopify.  Starting from scratch to making a profitable venture, I have edited hundreds of images on my laptop (or laptops), mix some videos for digital ads, and also work with sales software to keep a regular tab on my business.  So, based on that experience I know which laptops are a good choice for Shopify business owners for the long term and also don’t compromise on performance.

Best Laptop For Shopify In 2023

1) Apple Macbook Air (M2)

2) Asus ZenBook 13

3) Acer Aspire Vero 

4) Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

5) HP Envy X360

Best MacBook For Dropshipping – Apple MacBook Air (M2) 

Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air

Display: 13.6 Inch | Resolution: 2560 X 1664 | Processor: M2 Chip with 8-Core | Graphic Card: M2 GPu | Memory: Starts with 8 GB| Storage: 256 GB | Refresh Rate 60Hz | Ports: Magsafe, Two Thunderbolt Ports, 3.5 mm Headphone Jack & | Battery Life: Upto 18 Hours | Camera: 1080p | Weight: 1.2 Kg |

The Apple MacBook Air is the best for business, great for productivity, and an outstanding choice for the commute. For those who do dropshipping and travel around the world, the Apple MacBook Air is the right notebook for their backpack. If you have iPhone or iPad, the famous Apple Ecosystem will give you a hassle-free user experience. 

Apple has made some significant changes in Air design and for the best or worse, these changes impact your purchase decision. 

What differentiates M2-based MacBook from M1?

When Apple announced its new MacBook Air powered by its own chip (M1), the tech community was amazed by how dramatically the MacBook Air’s performance was improved. But there was a catch, Apple has placed a new chip in the old MacBook Air and hasn’t made any single change in its design. 

With the new MacBook Airs, Apple not only added a new and improved M2 chip but also made some significant changes in design. So, if you are tired of the old Macbook Air design and limited port selection, you can opt for the new Macbook Air with a less-bezel design and generous port selection including a headphone jack. 

Apart from this, the Air M2 gets a bigger 13.6-inch display, whereas M1’s display is 13.3 inches long. Despite a marginally bigger display, the M2 Air is 20% smaller than its predecessor. And, now you can capture photos and videos from a 1080p webcam (previous 720p). 

However, new changes will cost you $200 more than the previous MacBook Air, so if these changes are not a dealbreaker for you, we recommend going for M1 powered Macbook Air. 

Display, Keyboard, and Trackpad

The New MacBook Air features a beautiful 13.6-inch display and 2560 X 1664 pixels of resolution. The display is immersive, bright, and vivid for all kinds of work, regardless of watching videos, editing photos, or scrolling eBooks. 

While working under direct sunlight, the display impressed us and delivers clear images and text without needing to max out the brightness. Things looked good for color accuracy as well. The new M2 display features a 107% sRGB color gamut and improved DCI-P3 color space. 

The Magic keyboard is slightly better and softer than last year’s keyboard, even though Apple hasn’t claimed any changes, I become fond of the keys’ feedback and layout in no time. If you write long blog posts or sales pitches to promote Shopify products, you won’t have any problem typing for hours and can maintain your usual speed efficiently. 

The trackpad is long and has enough room for various gestures. I haven’t had any issues while pinching Zoom or speedily scrolling my Facebook feed. 

How Powerful is M2 Chip?

The M2 chip improved in both areas; power and performance. It can handle all my tasks which are usually about running multiple Chrome tabs and streaming music in the background insanely fast. I also tested its video editing performance by transcoding a 4k video clip and it manages to execute it in just 8 minutes. During this time, I have run multiple Chrome tabs simultaneously and I noticed a slight lag. 

Best Laptop For Dropshipping – Asus ZenBook 13 OLED

Asus ZenBook 13 OLED
Asus ZenBook 13 OLED

Display: 13.3 Inch OLED | Resolution: 1920 X 1080 | Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U | Graphic Card: AMD Radeon Graphics | Memory: Starts with 8 GB| Storage: 512 GB SSD | Refresh Rate 60Hz | Ports: MicroSD Card Reader, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, HDMI, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C | Battery Life: Upto 16Hours | Camera: 720p | Weight: 1.1 Kg |

The Asus ZenBook 13 OLED is an excellent values notebook with a portable design, long-lasting battery life, and a beautiful display that you’ll unlikely find at competitive prices. With ultrabook getting expensive by degrees, Asus always offers something that excels your desire more than the rest, for the price you pay. Still, this doesn’t mean it’s a perfect ultrabook and has a fair share of quirks. 

The ZenBook 13 sports a minimalistic design with a weight of 1.2 kg. Constructed with a metal body, Asus gives premium-level build quality at a relatively affordable price. With a strong body, the notebook ensures longevity and can tackle a few accident bumps. Though, the grey color does leave some finger marks on the body. 

The display is the strongest argument to get this ultrabook. Rather than opting for LED panels, Asus moved towards OLED panels to provide better image quality, deep dark scenes, and minimal color washout to give a better image and video editing experience. 

Why OLED screen is better than a regular LED/LCD panel (in most cases)?


OLED screens produce high picture quality and are great at handling dark scenes and accurate lightning. Most displays rely on RGB (red, green, and blue) light to create pictures, while OLED uses extra white lights to create rich and vibrant colors. Resulting in a wide viewing angle, smooth refresh rate, truer colors, and much brighter display.

Though, it doesn’t mean OLEDs are best in all scenarios.  If you work in direct sunlight, OLEDs are much worse than LEDs, the glossy panel demonstrates heavy reflection and to make the screen fully visible you need to max out the brightness. 

What About Performance?

Asus pairs ZenBook 13 with a powerful yet power-efficient AMD Ryzen 7 processor to speed up your tasks along with a full day battery life. The system performs admirably in all-day tasks. Whether you run a whole bunch of Chrome tabs or edit images, it won’t give a hiccup or get heated too much. 

During my testing, the ZenBook 13 completed an export of 6 minutes of 4k video in just over 17 minutes and that’s a praiseworthy performance from a notebook given a power-efficient Ryzen 7 processor. For those who do a lot of video editing, the numbers aren’t favorable. Nonetheless, if you do occasional editing for social media posts and are okay with FHD video mixing, the ZenBook 13 doesn’t deliver bad scores either. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

The main problem with almost all 13-inch notebooks is their cramped keyboard. With limited area between keys, some people find it unpleasant and hard to maintain their normal speed. The ZenBook 13 has the same issue, with the keys themselves being high quality, they are not roomy and take some time to get familiar with the layout. 

Whereas the touchpad is a completely different story. Incorporate with LED Numpad and featuring an eye-catching design, the ZenBook 13 touchpad truly gives competitors a run for their money. The touchpad is easy to click, feels smooth and accurate, and has excellent palm rejection. 

Most surprisingly, the ZenBook 13 OLED offers up to 10 hours of battery life for normal tasks. Though, during intense tasks, it quickly runs out of juice and requires a power source for uninterrupted productivity. 

3) Acer Aspire Vero 

Acer Aspire Vero
Acer Aspire Vero

Display: 15.6 Inch | Resolution: 1920 X 1080 | Processor: I7-1195G7 | Graphic Card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics | Memory: 16 GB | Storage: 512 GB | Refresh Rate 60Hz | Ports: 1 X USB 3.2 (Type-C) Gen 1 Port, 2 X USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port, 1 X USB 2.0 Port, 1 X HDMI 2.0, 1 X Ethernet | Battery Life: Upto 9.5 Hours | Camera: 720p | Weight: 1.7 Kg |

Acer introduced the Vero series as an environmentally conscious product that is partly made up of recyclable plastic. The usage of plastic is more than ever so, Acer’s Vero lineup is aimed toward reducing plastic usage and providing better, sustainable, and eco-friendly notebooks. And, it works most of the time. 

The new Vero chassis is made up of 30% post-consumer reculed material (PCR) and keycaps are made up of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. It’s undeniable that with a notebook partially made from trash, the performance and user experience feel the same as any regular notebook. 

Including recycled plastic makes some compromises on build quality. The notebook doesn’t feel solid and strong which we usually experience from fully-plastic build notebooks. We found some flex on both the display and keyboard. 

The notebook itself isn’t the sleekest or thinnest, but extra hefts make it a unique choice among the regular notebooks. 

For Shopify users who work from home and having the nicest-looking notebook isn’t a dealbreaker, the Acer Aspire Vero is probably the best laptop for Shopify. 

Does the display is good?

While most budget notebook suffers from their dull and wash-out panel, the Vero isn’t one of them. I have worked on it for almost a week (except the weekend) and surprisingly I haven’t experienced major brightness or color accuracy problem. 

The 15.6 Inch panel is good, vivid, and adequately bright to use indoors, though falls short when used outdoors. The 300 nits of brightness deliver clear and crisp text and deep dark scenes while watching your favorite movies. The color production is admirable & the contrast is good too. For Shopify editors, the color accuracy and pixels are enough to edit images and mix video clips. The viewing angle is good too. 

Does it fall behind on performance?

Certainly not. While making it environment-friendly, Acer hasn’t made any bargain on performance. The Aspire Vero comes with a newly powerful Intel tiger lake processor i7-1195G7 that represents a mobile processor range and is designed for office productivity tasks. 

It got two performance cores ample for day-to-day activities and multitasking. The soldered 16GB of memory helps apps to load quickly and navigate between multiple tabs easily. 

While it’s not designed for gaming (and I wouldn’t recommend it), you can play basic games like Minecraft by twisting some settings. The impressive 10 hours of battery is another feature to consider it.  

Adobe Apps runs fine, too. I have edited some images for the Instagram post and mixed numerous reel clips, both Photoshop and Premiere Pro have done an amazing job in response and made exporting much faster than other counterparts. Though, while mixing and rendering a 4k video for YouTube, it starts to throw heat for a full session and stayed that way until rendering was done. 

How is the keyboard?

The biggest disappointment I have with the Aspire Vero is its terrible keyboard. The keys feel cheap and delayed feedback made my typing slower. For a normal user, it might not be a deal breaker, but if you type for a full day (eg. content writer), it will make you tired. 

On the flip side, the touchpad is amazing. Its snappy response, smooth scrolling, and spacious design will make you forget that it is made from plastic. The touchpad also features an embedded fingerprint sensor to quickly sign in. 

Summing up

The Acer Aspire Vero is kind of a like-it-or-lump-it notebook. Many will be blown away by its recycle design while some will curse it for its unlikable look and old-age feeling. But, nobody can deny its praiseworthy performance and long battery life.

Best For Shopify and Gaming – Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3
Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3

Display: 15.6 Inch | Resolution: 1920 X 1080 | Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 6600H | Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX | Memory: Starts with 8 GB| Storage: 256 GB | Refresh Rate 120 Hz | Ports: 2 X USB-A Ports, 1 X USB – C, 1 X HDMI 2.0, RJ45 and 1 X Audio Jack | Battery Life: Upto 6 Hours | Camera: 720p| Weight: 2.2 Kg |

If you work from home and looking for a laptop for both work and play, the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 will surely bring your attention. With the combination of a mighty processor, solid speakers, and unmatched gaming performance, the Ideapad Gaming 3 is a solid choice for the best laptop for Shopify. 

Design and Build

The Ideapad Gaming 3 looks exactly the way you expect it to. A chunkier body with angular corners and an engraved logo of Lenovo on the lid. Measuring 14.16 X 10.49 x 0.86 inches and weighing around 5.1 pounds, the Ideapad Gaming 3 is not a portable machine by any means. In fact, it’s one of the heaviest gaming laptops we’ve put in our backpacks. 

But thickness offers solid build quality. Made from plastic, it feels solid and with a strong chassis and lid, it doesn’t give the vibe of a cheap laptop at all. Even though, the chunkier design clearly differentiates it from an ordinary-looking notebook, it is suitable for office environments as well. Just don’t use it for daily commutes. 

Both sides of the keyboard deck feature an admirable collection of ports with the inclusion of HDMI, USB, and a headphone jack. 

It boasts a 15.6-inch display along with a 120hz of refresh rate. The display is colorful, and bright and contains plenty of pixels to watch and enjoy any content for a long. However, during certain graphic-intensive gaming, I found some color washouts. 

Performance and Cooling 

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 shines in power and I would blindly recommend it to anyone with a tight budget and required a premium performing laptop. Sporting a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 6600H processor, it delivers smooth performance in almost all areas that matter. There is also a dedicated 30 series NVIDIA graphic card to provide better and more efficient graphic output. 

I have run a variety of productivity and content creations task to measure its sheer power in real-world office work. These include word processing, running dozens of Chrome tabs simultaneously, multitasking, image editing, and crucial video mixing. During all of these tasks, it performed well without any lag or delay. I played some games and was able to run them on 60+ FPS with their standard gaming settings. 

All of these times, the temperature was above average and I could feel the heat on my fingertips during typing. I measured 95 degrees Fahrenheit on the keyboard deck and 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the touchpad. Most gaming laptops have this issue, for me, this isn’t a big deal cause I rarely use a laptop in my lap. But, if you do then this is not for you. 

Keyboard and trackpad

The Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 keyboard is bliss for typing and gaming. It is responsive, keys are easy to type, and have 1.5mm of travel. Lenovo has put ample space between keys to prevent accidental key presses and tactical feedback gives the joy to type on. Though it isn’t perfect, the keys are backlighting, but not RGB which we generally expect from a gaming laptop. And the heating makes it hard to play games for long hours. 

I don’t have any complaints with the trackpad, though. Measuring 3.5 x 4.5 inches, it feels large and smooth to navigate and palm rejection is praiseworthy too. 

Bottom Line

Keeping gaming and working in mind, the Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 is potentially best in a class laptop for anyone who likes plenty of power inside and can bargain with how the laptop looks outside.

Best Laptop For Dropshipping Business – HP Envy X360

HP Envy x360
HP Envy x360

Display: 13.3 Inch OLED Touch | Resolution: 1920 X 1080 Pixels | Processor: Intel Core i7-1195G7 | Graphic Card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics | Memory: Starts with 8 GB| Storage: 1 TB SSD | Refresh Rate 60Hz | Ports: MicroSD Card Reader, 1 X USB Type-C, 2 USB Type-A, 1 X Headphone Jack | Battery Life: Upto 11 Hours | Camera: 720p | Weight: 1.3 Kg |

The HP Envy X360 is your perfect commute partner with a solid build and incredibly portable design. Partially made of aluminum and the rest crafted from plastic, HP Envy X360 has a sturdy design in a lighter package. 

If you are after a convertible design that gives the luxury of a touchscreen and while doing that it doesn’t leave performance behind then HP Envy X360 is hands down one of the best laptops for Shopify. 

Design and Rest

The mix of Aluminium and plastic not only makes it a portable notebook out there but also provides a rigid yet premium look. It also got solid chassis, unless you put an awful lot amount of pressure you won’t feel any bending or flexing. 

The Envy x360 bezels are a bit thick compared to XPS 13 and MacBook Air. It’s not like they are overly thick, with 0.63 inches they are incredibly thinner than their counterpart, but HP touts it as a premium machine, so I decided to compare it with an ‘actual’ premium machine. 

The hinge is probably the best in class and doesn’t register any wobble even if you type aggressively. Both the hinge and keyboard deck are joined strongly, so if you like to work in your lap, it would be convenient. 

The X360 convertible design is for all family members. It can turn into tent mode or be used as a tablet.  During tablet mode, the keyboard stays attached, so sometimes it can get in your way, especially while drawing. 

The TouchDisplay

The HP Envy X360 incorporates an incredible screen surrounded by thin and narrow bezels. The OLED panel delivers gorgeous pictures and edge-to-edge glass makes the screen looks bigger than its actual 13.3 inches size.  

Offering 400 nits of brightness and delivering bright and vibrant images, the HP Envy x360 is has done everything from editing to binge-watching Netflix. With its 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy, streaming content and color grading was impressive and all the details just come to life.

The touchscreen is smooth and responds immediately with both hands and the pen. Tapping, swiping, and drawing was significantly better than its counterpart. Topping it all, you don’t have to pay separately for the stylus. 

Power inside this convertible ultrabook

Ultrabooks have a portable build, so it can easily be mistaken that they are not performance hungry. Albeit, this is true in many scenarios, the best laptop for Shopify doesn’t have to deal with them.  

Powered by an Intel Core i7-1195G7 processor and the inclusion of 8 GB memory along with 1 TB PCIe SSD, the HP Envy x360 does an impressive job of handling productivity tasks, editing, and multitasking. If you browse a lot (and you will for Shopify product research), the combination of touchscreen and power will take your productivity to the next level. 

For gamers, I do not recommend it. The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics limits graphics performance and you have to set for very low FPS performance. Basic games can be played easily, but performance would be still average, though. 

The HP Envy X360 is the best bang for your buck and offers impressive performance along with a sleek and compact design. 

Final Words For The Best Laptop For Shopify

This guide recommends laptops that come within a cheap to mid-range budget and are wrapped inside powerful hardware and a beautiful display. So, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get the best laptop for Shopify. In short, the best laptop for the dropshipping business doesn’t have to cost much, but you should spend money on those that offer the best performance and last for a long time.

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