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10 Best Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV In 2023

Best Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV

Looking for the Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV, but have no idea which one to choose. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Check out this article and find all the necessary details about the Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV.

When you look around your home, you’ll find modern gadgets and electronics that come with fantastic functionality and make your work easier. Honestly, the mere purpose of manufacturing gadgets is to make human life better and smarter. There are pretty good chances that your home is equipped with a smartphone, laptops, smart TV, etc.

One gadget that every time meet with your entertainment is a Smart TV. A smart TV offers a plethora of features, including different channels, online streaming, music, gaming, surf the internet, etc. When you get a fancy smart TV at your home, you’ll bring a whole pack of entertainment with you.

One of the smart TV that gets popular in a short time is Samsung smart TV. This Korean brand has dominated the electronic world with its elegant electronics items. When it comes to Samsung Smart TV, you can choose from a variety of options to pick the Best Samsung Smart TV.

Every smart TV comes with a remote control to control the TV functions, but they won’t allow you to take advantage of all the amazing features that your new Smart TV has to offer you. It gives a hilarious experience and much worse, your TV becomes ordinary TV. So, the question is, what are you going to do about this? Well, the answer is simple; find the best wireless keyboard for Samsung smart TV.

A keyboard allows you to take advantage of smart TV features more precisely and control TV functionality. In this article, we have enlisted the Best Keyboard on the market; take a look at it.

Before we directly jump into those sections, let’s consider what type of wireless keyboard comes and things to consider while buying the best wireless keyboard.

Things to consider while looking for Best Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV

1) Size

The size of the keyboard is varying and offers different keys and functionality included. Three types of keyboards are available:

1. Full Size – Comes with keys, including a full collection of keys, functions keys, and number pad. They are ideal for computers and less popular for smart TV due to large size and unnecessary keys options.

2. Tenkeyless – TKL or 80% keyboards are smaller than a full-sized keyboard, excluding the number pad. It is the most popular for general purposes due to its small size and comfort experience.

3. Compact – Compact or 60% keyboards eliminated both number pad and function keys. They come in tiny sizes and lightweight designs, which makes them a suitable choice during traveling. They are used for Smartphones, Smart TVs, and tablets.

2) Battery

Typically, the keyboard features two types of a battery; disposable and rechargeable.

1. Disposable Battery – These types of batteries allow you to replace the dead batteries when they run out quickly. It would be best if you had an extra pair of batteries for an emergency. These batteries are not cheap and add additional expense.

2. Rechargeable Battery – They are the cheapest batteries and don’t need replacement. Although they require time to time charging and features short battery life.

3) Range

The wireless keyboard offers different ranges for connectivity. It depends on your room size, which wireless keyboard is suitable for your need. Usually, RF keyboards provide a range of 6-10 feet; on the other hand, infrared keyboards have 12 feet of range. One point is worth to notice that IR keyboards require a clear line between the receiver and keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards offer a range of about 30 feet, which is enough for an average-sized room.

4) Type of keyboard

While choosing the best wireless keyboard for Samsung Smart TV, first decide what type of keyboard you want.

Wireless Keyboard Types

Typically, there are three types of wireless keyboards available in the market.

1) Radio Frequency Keyboards

RF keyboards, also known as Radio Frequency Keyboards, works with a USB dongle. You need to insert the dongle into the USB port to work with the keyboard. Typically, it’s an excellent choice for those TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality. These types of keyboards have a range of 6-10 feet that reasonably close to the TV. However, this won’t be a problem; it works perfectly – just a thought to remember while picking an RF keyboard.

2) Infrared Keyboards

These keyboards are the least popular and typically used by those who don’t have Bluetooth connectivity or USB port in their Smart TV. Infrared Keyboards use a receiver that picks up transmissions of infrared light from the transmitter inside the keyboard. The popularity of the keyboard keeps decreasing due to the rise of Bluetooth and RF Keyboard.

3) Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth Keyboards are the most advanced and newest keyboard model that features wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. With a Bluetooth keyboard, you don’t need to insert any dongle or wired into your Smart TV; however, your device needs to have Bluetooth technology to run the keyboard. Bluetooth connectivity is one of the fastest and without interfering connectivity options, which features incredible performance. Nowadays, nearly all Smart TVs offer Bluetooth Connectivity.

Best Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV in 2021

1) Logitech K400 – Best Affordable Keyboard

2) Rii i8+

3) Microsoft Wireless 900

4) Logitech 830 – Best Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

5) Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard

6) Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

7) iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard

8) Ambolove Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

9) Logitech K600 TV

10) Arteck 2.4G Wireless Touch TV Keyboard

1) Logitech K400 – Best Affordable Keyboard

Logitech K400
Logitech K400

Logitech K400 is a specially designed Smart TV keyboard and integrates with compact design and powerful performance. It is combined with 84 keys, which is enough for any smart TV. Moreover, it has customized F-keys and lets you control smart TV more easily. 

The user-friendly layout of the keyboard allows you to take more control over the media. It works with wireless receivers and offers a connectivity range of up to 10 meters. The keys are easy to press and responsive quickly. 

The thin and compact design makes it easier to use the keyboard from your lap and gives more control over Samsung smart TV functionality. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause unnecessary noise while typing and provides instant feedback. 

In terms of performance and compatibility, Logitech K 400 is the perfect choice for your living room. 

2) Rii i8+ – Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV

Rii i8 plus
Rii i8 plus

Rii i8+ is a 3 in 1 multifunction keyboard that features Bluetooth Mini Wireless keyboard, Touchpad combo, and LED-backlit. It offers 82 keys, excluding the number pad, and allows multi-finger functions. 

The keyboard design is iconic and ergonomic and makes sure that the keyboard can last for long and gives a pleasant typing experience. 

It can be easily visible in the dark and let you enjoy movies without compromising your comfort. The keyboard is ideal for multimedia and features many integrated keys to make it even more convenient. Even though it is a wireless device, you can opt for a wired connection if the battery is over. 

As every mini keyboard offers, it has average battery life. Rii has built it with a high sensitive smart touchpad with a 360-degree flip design and a new classic look. 

The keyboard can perfectly fit on your hand, and you can easily connect it with all your devices through a USB port. Overall, Rii i8+ is a specially designed mini keyboard that is adjustable on your hand and takes your smart TV control to the next level.  

3) Microsoft Wireless 900 –  Best Wireless Mouse and keyboard for Samsung smart TV  

Microsoft Wireless 900 -  Best Wireless Mouse and keyboard for Samsung smart TV
Credit – Microsoft

Microsoft has always manufactured products with great functionality and high-end performance, and Microsoft wireless 900 is no exception. By featuring advanced encryption standards and 128-bit encryption, Microsoft has already warned competitors to produce better products. 

The keyboard features a full-size layout and comes integrated with all necessary keys. Furthermore, ambidextrous design makes it even easy to work with either hand. 

Along with this product, Microsoft gives you a mouse to perform tasks smoothly. The mere design of the keyboard lets you type freely and conveniently at your own pace. 

It features a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency for wireless connection and has a decent range of 10 M. The receiver can work with both keyboard and mouse. 

Talking about keys, it has quiet and pleasant keys that give serene typing and natural feels. 

The battery life of the keyboard is quite impressive and lasts for 24 months. Microsoft 900 wireless keyboard comes with a modern and comfortable design along with the next level of security. 

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